Aug 20, 2011

~chenta n tears~

m0od : erm okey lah guk...

assalamualaikum! (hee tetibe jd baek lak nihh)...
btw , if x jwb dosa tao!

erm kali nihh i nk story bout chenta n airmata (luv n tears)

once upon a tym . .
i believe it was a tuesday
when i caught ur eye and we caught onto sumthing
i hold onto the night
u talked t0 me n said u love me
were u juz kidding ?
cause it seems t0 me this thing is breaking down
we almost nver speak
i dont feel welcome anymore
and i stare at the phone , he still has not called
and then u feel so low u cant feel nothing at all
and u flashback to when he said forever and alwayz
it rains in ur bedroom and evrything is wrong
it rains when u r here
it rains when u r gone
was i out of line ?
did i say sumthing way t0o honest
made u run and hide
like a scared little boy
thought i knew u for a minute and forever
i'm not so sure
so here's to everything coming down to nothing
here's to silence that cuts me to the core
where is this going ?
thought i knew for a minute but i dont anymore
cause i was there when u said
forever and alwayz ...

nak tao smbungan citer nihh ?
wait for my next entry kay!
p/s : dun believe easily if some0ne approach u , 
cuz u will be hurt if wat u hope from him 
is meaningless than wat u expected better from him..

Aug 19, 2011

my 1st entry ..

mood : unstable -.-

yeahh , dis is my 1st entry since my old blog was deactvated
to my followers , 
sowy sygg coz i dah x aktif blog yg lame , kne hack damn !
erm i dun knoe wat i'm going to say ..
coz mood now unstable , grrr !
someone plezz heal me , i need somebody :(

juz want to say..
i dun believe cheaters!
to sesape yg ade awek or boyfie tuh ,
pndai2 lah jage kay . jgn smpai gf/bf korg gtal ngan org laen~
bkn ape , if dah kapel tuh wat care kapel . tayah nk flirthy ngan gurl or laki laen.
syukurlah ngan pe yg ade. 
nnt yg dikejar x dpt , yg dikendong t'cicir plak..
n one more thing..
if korg dah syg ngan awek or boyfie korg tuh , jgnla saketkn aty diorg.
if love juz say it , if dont juz leave it !
jgn bagi harapan kt org tuh if cinta awk kat dia x brape pasti
nnt ade org yg terluke sbb prangai awk tuh ..

erm kay , smpai cni dulu . talk later kay , c yaa !
muahxsss ! :)