Sep 28, 2011

nape sye sedih arini ? haha mengong ! -.-

mood : sad n blurr...

i dun know why i've been thingking deeply dis lately...
the thing bout love is i never saw it c0ming
u kinda crept up n t0ok me by surprise
and n0w there's a voice inside my heart
that's got me wondering...
is dis true ?
i wanna hear it one more tym...
m0ve in a little closer
tke it to a whisper
get just a little louder
say it again f0r me..
c0z i love the way it feels
when u're telling me dat i'm the only 0ne
who blows ur mind...
its like the whole world stops to listen
when u tell me dat u're in l0ve wit me
u talk bout us like theres no end in sight
the thing bout me is dat i really wanna let u open dat d0or
and walk into my life , move in a little closer
it feels like its the first tym
dat anybody's ever brought the sun wit0ut the rain
and nver in my whole life
hve i heard words as beautiful as when u say my name
but n0w dats juz the mem0ry...

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